Saturday, July 20, 2013

Febrile Seizure - Please Read and Share

Just a day after the febrile seizure
This past Thursday night was the absolute most terrifying thing that has ever happened (and hopefully will ever) to me. If you have young ones or are expecting, or have friends and family who may have or be expecting a child, PLEASE pass this information along. They will thank you.

Thursday afternoon I picked up Burke from daycare and we swung by our house to pick up my wife Christie. We were heading out to our favorite restaurant, Dewey's (pizza). The dinner was cut short (as dinner out usually does) due to Burke not being very content. However, this time, he was uninterested in eating. No big deal. We packed up and took our pizza to go and headed home. When we got home, we went about our evening as usual and put Burke to bed shortly after his bath around 8:30pm. Burke seemed a little out of sorts, so Christie gave him some infant ibuprofen before putting him down in his crib. Around 10:30, we went to bed.

At approximately 2am, we awoke to Burke crying for "momma". No big deal. He probably just cold from the fan or awoke hungry. Christie went in to check on him and he appeared okay. On her way back to bed, she stopped short and thought, "I should probably just check to see if he is cold and if I should turn the fan down". She reached in and felt Burkes legs, they were hotter than a matchstick. His forehead, the same. Burke awoke and was blabbering something is a half asleep state, but he was adamant on going downstairs to watch some Lightning McQueen videos on Youtube (he's obsessed:). Christie asked me to come down and get him some milk and her and icepack so that she could rub her cold hands on is forehead in an effort to cool him off. I obliged and after doing my duty, headed back upstairs to curl up into the now cold covers (I love that on a hot summer night). What seemed like a minute later (actually 20 minutes), I heard Christie yelling and starting to run up the steps (I have the chills as I'm typing this).

"Logan!" "He's not breathing!" "I think he's having a seizure or something!" "Turn on some cold bath water!" "Hurry!!!!" "He's burning up!!!"

I thought I could type out the rest of this story, but I'm not capable yet. I cannot get the visions out of my head. Throughout the 9-1-1 call,  I think that I went in and out of consciousness. It was as if I was in a horror movie, or my own worst nightmare.

Burke is thankfully okay and back to his normal self. Christie and I however have been seriously traumatized. During Burke's nap (while I'm typing this), I've raced upstairs twice because he was calling out for Mama. Something that has before, never phased me. We are on edge to say the least.

PLEASE, do yourself and others a favor and read this:

Educate yourself and others NOW.
Thank you.

Friday, October 26, 2012

My First Year of Fatherhood

It's been a trying and exciting past year of life with my wife and new son. One that has brought about many new job descriptions (around the house and professionally), experiences and smells. As I reflect upon the past year, in comparison with my life pre-Burke (my son) as expressed in the prior mentioned post, "A Letter to Myself - Feel Free to Read", I start to gain a true sense of what it means to be a father/parent.
Burke ridin' solo - 13 months old
My fatherhood started as a stay at home dad, and it ended quicker than it takes most babies to learn how to walk (8 months). Those were the most difficult days of my life. Burke had Colic and acid reflux. So, not only did his condition reek havoc on my emotional stability, it also made a smelly mess out of all of his and our clothes. It was this brief time in my life that I was forced to confront my short-temper and anger issues that seemed to be latent (except for a few blow-ups in soccer games, fights with my brother as a kid and arguments with my wife, Christie). Quite possibly the single hardest thing I've ever done in my life was telling Christie that I didn't trust my self alone with Burke. Yikes. I clearly remember saying to her, "I know the difference between right and wrong, however, I'm scared that I might do something to harm Burke out of anger." I could not control my emotions. I was a mess.

Thanks to family and friends (and Christie's mandate:), this began a 1-2 week period of not being alone with Burke and always having someone else around. It was also the start of my relationship with a shrink (Therapist). What I learned, more so from my own reflection and discussions with my wife, was that I was having a hard time accepting my status as a stay at home dad, without an income to show for it. A self-loathing bitterness for not being who I thought I would be at this point in time (read "A Letter to Myself") . This, all in combination with my preconceived ideals as to what fatherhood would be like and accepting my new role as a Dad. It was about trading in one social-status for another. Realization that my life would never be the same. Responsibility for responsibilities. What happened to all my friends?
At about 8 months in (June 1st), I started a new job. A job that I'm somewhat ashamed of. Unfortunately, I didn't have much choice in the matter. Company's must not know where my door is anymore. As a New Car Sales Consultant (as I called myself) for Toyota, I quickly realized that having a child can force you to do things you never imagined yourself doing. The hours were absolutely horrible, income was a roller coaster and the ability for management & finance to steal money from you (me) is an accepted past-time. Clearly, the job was putting more stress and hardship on Christie and myself then it was worth. So, I quit. However, not before lining up another, more desirable and fitting career as a Real Estate Appraiser (apprentice as of now). What a huge weight off the entire family's shoulders.

So now, it's been 13 months, 16 days and about 18 hours since Burke was pulled from the womb, and it seems like just yesterday that Burke first smiled at me. Although those first 6 months were hellacious, these past 7 months, 16 days and about 18 hours have trumped all. I'm very happy with where we are as a family right now. As long as Christie stays consistent with her Pill, there will be no additions to our family any time soon. I'm in love, and I'm content.

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wallace Clan Update

Hi my dear and loving friends & family!

This is a not so brief update of what Christie, Burke and I have been up to (in case we haven’t been able to see you lately):

Burke at 7 or 8 months
Burke has kept us quite busy lately, as you can probably imagine. He just turned 9 months old on June 9th. Over the past 3 months he has perfected his bear crawl and has eagerly been working on standing unsupported in addition to training adamantly for his Homo-Erectus life with daily-guided sprints around our house. He even took his first step over the Memorial Day weekend! Burke has finally added “Mom” and “Momma” (much to Christie’s delight) to his vocabulary and has begun working on reciting The Declaration of Independence in its entirety (he’s been slow to start).  Burke hasn’t been to the Dr. since his 6-month check-up, however, he’s due to make a visit next week. He has maintained his linebacker growth rate and we guess his weight to be well over 25lbs. We’ve been working on the marketing and packaging for a new product line of silicone marshmallow soft, kissable cheeks casted from his adorable rosy-red pillows.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shit My Step-Dad Says

He called me to thank me for his Father's Day card (which I accidentally sent a week in advance:) and asked if he was interrupting anything. I replied, "No, and if I was having sex, it would be with myself!" He quickly replied, "You've gotta be careful having sex in the last trimester because your kid could come out cock-eyed!" Thanks Kevin.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pregnant Wifey Update - Sexy Photo Included

Well, Christie is not due until September 14th, but one would think that she could give birth any day now! She's bustin' out! She stands at a mere 5'1", so the baby doesn't really have anywhere to go but out. The baby boy is kicking like crazy and often leaves Christie breathless. When I asked her what if feels like when he shifts or kicks, she replied, "I really don't I have a baby inside me moving around." guess some things are just indescribable! Aside from being uncomfortable, Wifey is doing very well. She's less fixated on things that you can no longer do (play soccer, drink alcohol, go on vacation, etc.), and more in-tune with the incredible opportunity she has been presented with. Not puking every day really helps! We had our family over for a party last Saturday, and after looking at the pictures taken that night, she truly is relaxed and glowing.

Sorry that I've slacked off big time on these posts, I've been engulfed in coaching, t-shirt orders and dauntingly large house projects (yuck). Not to mention, that I can't spend enough time with Christie. Even if it's just sitting here writing this post. I can't imagine the feeling when coaching is replaced with a baby boy!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

What Happened The Day You Were Born?

Our baby boy, Burke, is due to arrive on September 14th. The other day I suddenly thought, "Holy Guacamole! I really hope Burke isn't born on September 11th!!" Although the day would still be just as special, I don't think that it's wrong to feel that I'd rather him not be born on the day of the year that is tied to the worst attack on U.S. soil in history. Am I wrong to think this?

I want Burke to have a day for himself, without distractions of horrific historic events. Is that really even possible? This got me thinking, did anything catastrophic, life-changing or ultra cool happen on the day I was born (December 14, 1979)? Read more...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mrs. Froh Interviews Yours Truly - Logan Wallace

Yeah, not true. I was not sober. (Las Vegas, NV)
About a month or so ago, I was contacted by a Mrs. Froh, and she asked if she could do an email interview with me. I'll admit, I was a little hesitant. Mrs. Froh sounds a lot like one of those names on an email that begins with, "Dear Sir or Madam..," and ends with that someone asking for your bank account info.

Mrs. Froh is the writer of a blog called Life As Bryan's Wife. I checked out her site and immediately thought, oh great, a blog about God, religion and all the beautiful things. Was this interview going to be about my relationship with or without the Christ almighty?

Almost unwillingly, I accepted the interview, and a couple weeks later she sent me a list of questions to answer. Upon opening and reading the questions,  I was pleasantly surprised! It was as if I was on an episode of Inside The Actors Studio being interviewed by James Lipton!! The questions were extremely intuitive and thoughtful. I enjoyed every minute of answering the questions. The interview made me think about my life as it was, as it is and as it will be. Read the full interview, she's a very God, I mean good writer ;). The Froh, is still a mystery to me, and I like it that way. Read the bio here.

See what alcohol and Craps in Vegas does to you? Just Say No.

Coming up on The Wonderful Whoopsie Blog:
  • Office to Nursery - The Photographic Transformation and How To Steps
  • Belly Photo Update And The Baby Boy's Name Is...
  • Cramming 2 Years into 5 Months - Remodeling on A Short Schedule and Tight Wallet
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Read on to see the interview in it's original form...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How The Hell Can I Afford College for My Kids?!

How important to you, is organized tuition-based education for your child? Personally, I'm on the fence. Part of me feels that college is an overpriced social experience that leads you in too many directions and can be self taught through discipline, reading and hard work (I lack the first, to which the second then goes without saying). The other half of me, knows that the social experiences and well-rounded education helps (most) young adults grow and mature into socially and financially responsible adults. We can go into the secondary education options pros/cons in a later post. For now, let's discuss the daunting (and outrageous) financial responsibility of saving for your child/children's education. Read on...

Oh yeah, there's also this reason to go to college (Arizona).

Of course, there is the money in an envelope tucked away under a floor board option, but if God forbid your house burn down, you would be S.O.L. Also, savings accounts are a conservative approach, with little or no reward for allowing someone else (the bank) to use your money for profit. Among all of the investment types out there, the two major educational savings plans, are the ESA and 529. Ever heard of of these? First, educate yourself on these two savings plans on Wikipedia. Here are the links: 529 Plan & ESA.

Now that you're in the know, what are the major differences? According to Erik Folgate of, they are as follows:

Educational Savings Plan
  • The invested funds grow tax-free. You are not required to pay taxes on the interest earned.
  • It has a broad definition for “qualified expenses”. Along with tuition, room, and board, it covers items like books, computers, and internet access.
  • the funds can be used starting when the child is in Kindergarten. This is great for someone looking to use the funds to cover private elementary and secondary schooling.
  • Contributions are used with after-tax dollars, but the distributions are tax-free as long as it is used for qualified educational expenses.
  • You must make less than $220,000 a year per married coupleo to be able to contribute to an ESA
  • An ESA only allows you to contribute up to $2,000 per year
  • Contributions are not tax-deductible
  • Beneficiary must be under the age of 30
  • In some states, the assets of the ESA become the property of the beneficiary
  • 529 Plan
  • The limit for contributions is much higher and allows you to save more aggressively
  • No age limit for the beneficiary
  • Control of the account always stays with the contributor
  • Some states allow 529 plan contributions to be deducted on state taxes
  • Anyone with any salary can open and contribute to a 529 plan
  • Cons:
  • Qualified expenses are limited to tuition, room, board, and books
  • The distributions can only be used for post-secondary schooling
  • You are locked into the investments chosen by the plan administrator

Now, which one is better for you? That depends on your financial, lifestyle and education plans for yourself and your child. Erik explains further:

Who should open an ESA?
If you are thinking about sending your child to private school and you want more flexibility with how the funds are invested, I think the ESA is your best option. As long as you meet the income requirements, this would be the way to go. Plus, you can use the money to expensive items such as books, computers, graphing calculators, and other expensive items that college requires.

Who should open a 529 plan?
If you are starting out saving for your child’s college expenses later on in their life, then you should definitely open a 529 plan. You’ll be able to aggressively invest and catch up for the years you missed. Plus, if you live in a state where the contributions are tax deductible for your state taxes, you should look into a 529 plan over an ESA.

But Xavier does have an awesome logo
Is anyone else bored yet? Becoming an adult, sure has it's downfalls, huh? The University that I went to, Xavier University, has a tuition, room & board (plus meal plan) that will be over $40,000 per year!!! WTF?! Start saving now, do your research, then talk to your financial advisor for, well, advice! My belief is to educate yourself first, seek advice, then go with your gut feeling.

How have you decided to save for your child's education? Maybe you're not going to pay for it. Why or why not? Tell me! Tell us!!

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