Friday, January 28, 2011

99 Bottles of Root Beer On The Wall...

In an effort to make your wife's (and your own) transition into pregnancy, considered an alcohol free Beer substitute such as Root Beer or Ginger Beer. Stay away from the Mug (my favorite), A&W, Barq's, etc, because they contain some serious sugar in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup (which I'll get into at a later time).

One thing that I forgot to mention about the terrible tasting Zero Root Beer (with zero flavor) by Virgil's, was that it is actually caffeinated! The standard Virgil's Root Beer does not contain caffeine. There are so many micro brewed Root Beers out there, and I can't wait to try as many as possible. Check out this huge list of root beers on and a few fun root beer buys:
Mr. Root Beer 20041 Home Root-Beer-Making Kit
(Gift Box) Great American Root Beers 10 Pack (2 each 5 brands)

Here are my top two choices for high fructose corn syrup free root beers:
Sioux City Sarsparilla
Virgil's Root Beer

Here's an awesome IBC Root Beer Commercial (one of many on

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hypothetical Dad Mobile Shopping

Current ride: '04 Scion Xb
The wife has been ill the past 2 days (hopefully with just the flu), so my mind has begun to wander! Currently, I drive an extremely reliable 2004 Scion Xb (to the right).  Bought new in 2004 in San Francisco, it has been through a lot, always coming out unscathed (for the most part). The car has over 120k miles on it, and I've begun to wonder if it's a car that I should keep to drive around the soon to arrive child. Financially, it makes sense, but of course as a guy, part of me wants to go car shopping for something new (used, but new to me). So, I began to do some research. My car could sell realistically for $5,500 and it's paid off. This puts me in a new car price range of $10-$15,000 total. I've come to find out, that when shopping for practical yet stylish Dad Mobile in this price range, it's no easy task. Here's what I found that peaked my interest:
2008 Volvo V50 2.4i $14,000

2007 Honda Element $16,000
'06 Ford F150 4x4 SuperCab STX

2007 Ford Edge SE $14,000
2006 Subaru Baja Turbo $18,000

2007 Ford Edge SE $14,000
*I apologize for the layout of the pictures, this setup is not very conducive to layout design!

The goal of this project was to find a safe, reliable, good looking, practical daddy mobile. I love all six of the above cars (although I've only driven a couple of them), but I'm drawn to two of them in particular.

First, the Ford F150 Super Cab STX. It's a 4 wheel drive extra cab pickup. It's stylish, allows me to tow, pickup and deliver anything that I might need for rehab projects around the house. Most importantly, it safely has room for a baby car seat.

Second, and my first choice for a sedan/wagon is the Volvo V50. It's sporty, stylish, safe, reliable and I think a pretty manly wagon option. The price is right, too! Ever since the 2000's, I've had a thing for the Volvo Turbo Wagons, and this fits the card quite nicely. I really like the tinted windows to boot. Hilarious sticker to the left.

I've spent quite some time researching these options compared with others, so I hope this might shed some light onto what's out there while taking a budget in mind. Just a side note, Christie and I started a convertible savings account 1 week before we surprisingly and unexpectedly found out she was pregnant. This daddy mobile was supposed to be a BMW Z5 (see blog banner picture:), but I'm not bitter. Honestly. This Wonderful Whoopsie is going to kick that BMW's ass.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Today Was A Good Day...For Me

 Obviously, pregnancy is much easier for me than it is for my incredible wife, Christie, who is just 6 weeks 4 days prego. Although my day was somewhat relaxing - lunch at Ruby Tuesdays, followed by a quick visit to Home Depot, then replacing a window while watching the NFC and AFC championships - Christie's, although much the same as far as events, was tarnished with nausea, stomach pains, crying and diarrhea :), sorry.

"I can't believe that a little peanut can cause me to feel this bad!", said Christie (3 or 4 times today). I'm doing my best to be understanding and supportive by cooking, cleaning, assuring her comfort with drinks, fruit, grocery runs, etc. I know it's only 6 1/2 weeks in, but it's already taking it's toll on Christie. I can't even imagine the emotional and physical changes & challenges that she is and will be going through for the weeks, months, and years to come. She's incredibly tough, but change is not something she deals well with...and this one is a huge (yet so small right now), unplanned one! I love her and I guess being the best dad in the world, starts now, by being the best husband in the world. I just raised the cheese factor to an all-time high with that one, huh? :).

I've always loved writing and sharing my opinions. Looking towards the future as a stay at home dad, I figured I'd do my best to start and maintain a blog to document these important times...and to keep myself sane. I'd like to give notice and praise to the blog and it's writer that gave me the inspiration to take this step: Pacing The Panic Room by Ryan Marshall. I've just started reading it, but it's already made an impact. Thank you.

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