Friday, February 11, 2011

Hello Negative Nancy! Hello Debbie Downer! Meet...My Pregnant Wife!!

Do they prescribe a drug for partners of pregnant women that makes us think we're still married to Carefree Barbie? Holy crap!

Today officially marks week 9 for my wife's pregnancy. Let me type that again to reiterate. Today officially marks (only) the 9th week of pregnancy for my wife. Now I understand why the name Nancy is in the word pregnancy (see title).

Yesterday, I got a slight idea of how the Americans felt the day they were unexpectedly attacked at Pearl Harbor. Okay, maybe an insensitive bad analogy, but focus on the surprise element of it please;). I was rushing around trying to make a sensible breakfast for my wife before we rushed out the door, when I handed her cinnamon and sugar toast, a cup of orange juice and an unpeeled orange for later in the day. Anyone catch the foreshadowing there?

"What am I supposed to do with an orange that's not even cut?", asks my wife. I replied nonchalantly "I figured you could peel it later when you get hungry." "Peel an orange?!!" exclaims my wife. Little did I know, but according to my wife, you don't peel oranges, you cut them. Hilarious. News to me! Needless to say, the orange was not eaten.

Lately, it seems that my wife has been extremely negative and down in the dumps a bit. I'm not a fan of this. I totally understand that she is constantly nauseous, irritable and bloated/gassy, so why does she feel the need to make me aware of it every twenty minutes? Why doesn't she just post an update to Facebook to let everyone know?

Listen, I'm just venting. I understand that hormones are powerful beasts, but REALLY?!

Check out this hilarious blog entry from Almost A Dad about pregnancy hormones that I came across that had me laughing out loud. In summary, here's what he learned:
A few points of pregnancy wisdom I learned from this experience:
1. Don’t make a pregnant woman feel worse than she already does. It’s your job to keep quiet. Putting up with her craziness is the male analogy of experiencing hormones directly, it’s just something you have to go trough as part of pregnancy.
2. A pregnant woman may not even be aware she’s acting strange. If she isn’t, then don’t bring it to her attention. She may forget about what she did later on and only remember your reaction. I'm very lucky that my wife at least realizes when she's being irrational.
3. If a pregnant woman wants food, she wants it five minutes ago.
4. Don’t expect an apology from a pregnant woman, and don’t ask for one. If you happen to get one, that’s icing. Just support her lunacy and cravings, and keep in mind that she’s going through a tough time.
Please read his blog entry, it's hilarious and very well written. Just remember to come back here when you're finished:). Also, please leave a comment with your funny story about raging pregnancy hormones!


  1. Love the orange story!

    Thanks for the mention, man. Best of luck to you both.

  2. Isn't it funny how the "orange" is almost more of a representation of something else? It could easily be swapped out for just about any item?! Be it a candy bar, toast, soup, or what have you!!


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