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How to say, "Your getting fat", in a nice way.

POkay, the title was just an attention grabber. I'd really like to address how to appropriately and tactically introduce working out into your pregnant wife's regimen, and I'm not talking Kegel exercises. That's in a post down the road a few months:)

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Chances are, your baby momma will bring it up herself (insert relief smiley face), that saves you the 100% likelihood of coming off as a insensitive ass. The reality is, whether she is an athlete or a novice, exercising, stretching and strengthening her core muscles (click link to visit The Mayo Clinics core exercises) will prove to be far more beneficial to her than just her physical make-up. Trust me, I was a Gold's Gym Trainer for 3 months (see the about me section of this blog to "get" that joke). The positive psychological advantages of working out for pregnant women, far outweigh the physical benefits. According to research/reports on the EF Deportes website:
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has recommended physical exercise to pregnant women who do not present medical or obstetric complications. They indicate that the beneficial aspects of physical exercise would maintain and/or improve mothers’ cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, which would in turn help them to have better control over their bodies during the physiological and psychological processes of adjustment. As a consequence, their bodies would adjust toward an optimal environment for the growth and development of the fetuses.
The Melpomene Institute has encouraged pregnant women to undergo regular exercise sessions intended to achieve positive psychological effects in enhancing their self-image.
Right, so now back to the part about helping your wife pursue working out. My advice is to tackle this toward the end of the 1st trimester (due to pregnancy sickness). You can bet that she will not want to hang out at the local meat-head gym. BUT, those big box gyms do have some added value for mothers to be! Typically, the gyms have a Women Only workout area attached to their locker room. In addition, there tend to be a vast assortment of classes (which are dominated by girls, gay guys or puny guys like me trying to impress a girl). My gym of choice is Urban Active (Gold's Gym). It's an energetic and fun atmosphere that offers just about every piece of workout equipment and class possible. An excellent choice for the mothers to be would a Yoga or a Total Body Workout Class. If you have never done Yoga, don't be fooled by the commercials, it's tough as hell! It can be taken at your own pace and adjusted to a pregnant woman's ability accordingly. For $30/month per person you can get unlimited use of the gym, pool, group classes (including Yoga), Spinning classes, showers, racquetball and my favorite, the Cardio Fitness Theater. The best thing about it, is that you can go to the gym together, yet not be tied to working out together. However, if you're trying to get her into a routine for the first time, you should always offer to take classes with her (and hope that she says "no").

Other, more expensive (but highly effective and customizable) options include a one on one with a personal trainer at a local "studio" gym. Often, you'll be working out with the owner themselves. Two local examples here in Cincinnati that I love are Studio S and Hyde Park Body Boutique.

A lesser expensive option, but which requires more self discipline, is purchasing pregnancy workout/Yoga DVD's. You can find them for next to nothing on Amazon or Ebay. One that has been recommended by several people is, Dr. Christine Anderson's Dynamic Prenatal Yoga. Always go used if possible, and better yet, rent them from your local library or borrow from a friend! Gentlemen, help make it easier by setting up a comfortable workout area that is uncluttered, well lit and relaxing. Make it as much of a place they can go to relax, as it is a place to workout. A few other workout programs to checkout:
As far as your wording of how to suggest this working out, keep it factual based. Take note of the physical and emotional benefits that working out as a pregnant woman presents (they are short and long-term). It is a very sensitive subject, so treat it as such. If you and your wife/girlfriend want the best for your child, then that includes taking care of yourselves. Emotional stress weighs heavily on both fetus development in addition to the evolution of you and your partners relationship. Time spent together (even if it's working out), is time towards forever. I just made that up and now I'll copyright it!

Do you have an stories or suggestions about this topic? Is what I think totally bogus?!! Funny or not, our readers would love to read it! Thanks!


  1. I love it! Thanks Logan. Can't wait to see all the preggo mommys at the studio.~Candice, Owner, Hyde Park Body Boutique

  2. For a great yoga video try Dr. Christine Anderson's Dynamic Prenatal Yoga...It rocks!!!!

  3. Hey Logan - email me your address; i have two never opened prenatal yoga DVDs that i bought and never used and will mail you.


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