Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's a Boy...Sike! At Home Gender Prediction Tests

Let me start by telling you that I am not being paid to write this post, although I probably should be:).

For those of you who just can't wait, for one reason or another, now there is a product that can help determine (kind of) the gender of your baby as early as 10 weeks! It's called Intelligender, and it's even available at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aide, Baby's R Us. Buy online, or see the full list of major retailers near you here. *Buy 2 or more tests, receive 20% off your order and receive free shipping.

Now, before you rush out and raid the drug store, know this:
According to, this test is (allegedly) 80-90% accurate. Check out this great news clip ---->

Of the two people I know that have actually used this test, both had accurate results (confirmed by the birth of an actual human being). Intelligender states that positive boy results are less accurate than that of a girl. Interestingly enough, both these people had boys. Intelligender's website states that the test is, "a fun pre-birth experience for moms who can’t wait to know!" This is a great gift for the expecting mother, but not meant to determine the color of your nursery.

Check out the website, it's very well done and entertaining. It even includes the Chinese Gender Chart (great accuracy results of 50%).

When I first heard about this test, I immediately wanted to pick one up for Christie to whiz into. My goal was to find out as soon as possible. One surprise is enough! But, after doing a little research and watching the above video, our decision to just wait until the 20 week sonogram is just fine by me. I have other more important things to spend my money on ($8,000 box gutter replacement - eek!). Has anyone used this product? What were your results, and (if you know) were they correct? Hollar back at me:). By the way, I'm writing this on a Friday evening while watching Super Nanny with my pregnant wife. Awesome.

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  1. My sister did it at 14 wks. Said boy. 20 wk ultrasound proved it to be wrong! Oops! She now has a baby Olivia:)


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