Monday, February 7, 2011

A Letter to Myself. Feel Free to Read.

Dear Self,

One of my biggest concerns with having a child, was that my kid would end up being like me. Isn't it funny how we have a perfect picture painted of what we want our child to be like and it always revolves around the perception we have of ourselves? Prior to writing this entry and even before impregnating my wife, I always focused on the traits that I wouldn't want my child to have. It's safe to say that in part, this is what held me back from wanting to have a kid in the first place! Focusing entirely on the negatives, even though they are few and far between;). Maybe it's my own self-consciousness coming through or possibly frustration with where I am right now professionally/financially. Maybe, my expectations were too high to begin with. In a world where we are trained to compare ourselves to others and that we must follow the path to success, it's hard to take a step back and focus on what really matters. Having a baby can do this though.

What's more important? Raising a child to be financially successful or to be a good person? Of course, the two are subjective terms to begin with and the chances of being both are possible. But, what if you had to choose between the two?

After thinking about how amazing my childhood was and what kind of person I have evolved into, (yes, I may have my quirks and faults) but for the most part I've turned out better than my parents probably could have imagined. Although a little ADD may cloud my professional and financial judgment at times, it hasn't stopped me from being an extremely unique, creative, well-rounded individual. A career with an $80k/year salary, benefits, vacation time, sick leave, etc. may never be in my or even my child's future, but one thing's for sure, he/she will be a good person (and hopefully they'll marry well). Speaking of marrying well, check out this song by Alanis Morissette called That I Would Be Good, it was "our song" that we danced to for our wedding back on May 14, 2005. How fitting.

I'd like to know others opinions on this. Whether you have kids or not, it will be interesting to get different takes on it. Post a comment here or feel free to try out the Wonderful Community tab above!

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  1. Coming from another creative person who didn't take the step by step ladder to success but rather forged her own path where there was none, I most definitely want my children to be good people who truly care about others and find their own way to their own success whatever that may be for them. A college diploma may fit perfectly in a frame and look impressive on the wall btu I really don't need things liek taht from my kids. I was the mom who put am empty frame around the crayon on the wall in my son's room when he was 2 bc he was just so dang proud of his work of art. Coloring inside the lines is for boring people ;)


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