Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pregnancy Tip for Guys #1

If you decide to write a blog, DO NOT poke fun at your beautiful pregnant wife in any way within your blog entries! Even if it's light-hearted and indirect. Of course, as a sensitive and thoughtful husband that loves his wife to death, I would never do this.


  1. Love your blog Logan!! It is going to be so fun keeping up with you guys every week in person and on your blog now :)p.s. still need a cool name for my birth photography site :)

  2. diggin the site.
    you should check out my brother in laws blog. youll enjoy it. http://thelifeofdad.blogspot.com/
    hes a journalist for writers digest. funny.
    congrats to you two! (3!!)
    melanie (pace) :)


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