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What About Our Vacations?! Babymoon Anyone?

It may not have been the first thing that came to our minds, but it was definitely the 2nd or 3rd. Vacation. Pregnancy has a way with putting vacation plans, whether already planned or not, on hold:(.

This year was going to be our first week long vacation since our honeymoon 6 years ago, and actually, there was a potential for 2 of them. One was an already paid for (Christmas present from the parents) family vacation to Myrtle Beach. This would have been a very fun weekend of family games, beaches, eating, drinking and lot's of golf. The second, was a potential President's Club all inclusive vacation through my wife's work (Christie is on target to potentially make it) to Bermuda. I'm actually shedding a few tears right now, give me a moment...

Traveling for pregnant women presents a few problems, and should be limited. The 2nd trimester is the best time to travel because you are past (hopefully) the sickness part of the 1st trimester, and in the 3rd trimester, women tend to be more easily fatigued.

Most importantly, travel can be a health hazard for pregnant women. It's recommended that car/plane trips be less than 5 hours, and hourly stops to walk around be mandatory. Sitting for prolonged periods of time can increase the likelihood of pregnant women having a blood clot. Most doctors will discourage all air travel, and any land travel in excess of 5 hours for the third trimester.

Why do I mention this? Well, as luck would have it, both of our trips fell in the third trimester!! Yippee!! Here's a great website to checkout with all the do's and dont's of pregnancy and traveling while pregnant. Pregnancy and Travel Site

Immediately, we started discussing other smaller/closer vacation destinations that we could still plan as our Babymoon. Our budget would be $1500 total. I divided them into 2 categories: Rustic and Sun, both which would benefit from having a Spa type resort. Since we live in Cincinnati, OH (the "Midwest"), we are about a 2-5 hour drive to Rustic, 3.5 hour flight from Sun. After hours and hours of online "research", here are a few of my picks:


1.  My top choice is the Primland Resort. "This pristine Blue Ridge Mountain resort offers 12,000 acres of space, sky and shifting moods. Eco-conscious and thoughtfully developed, Primland is the ultimate retreat for world-class golf, refined dining and outdoor activities in an environment of rare natural beauty." - www.primland.com. The resort offers only the best in spa, relaxation, golf, food, wine, hiking, hunting, horseback riding (not a good idea for a pregnant lady I'd imagine) and more. Just wait until you see the pictures. From Cincinnati, your looking at a 7 hour drive, so a lot of stops will be in order to keep the blood flowing.

A three night stay with spa treatment, golf and food/beverages/tips should come to right about $1500 or less (this includes gas to get there). Check out their website for more info, www.primland.com

Primland Resort Spa - 2000 Busted Rock Rd, Blue Ridge, VA 24120
Rates from November 1, 2010 – April 30, 2011
rooms sun - thurs fri - sat
Piedmont Room 259 275
Mountain Suite 325 375
Blue Ridge Suite 425 499
Pinnacles Suite 1,000 1,200
rates from May 1 – October 31, 2011
rooms sun - thurs fri - sat
Piedmont Room 279 329
Mountain Suite 369 409
Blue Ridge Suite 499 539
Pinnacles Suite 1,000 1,200

2.  Other choices for "rustic" relaxation getaways (Midwest oriented) ranged from Hocking Hills (Logan, OH), to Red River Gorge (30 min. outside of Lexington, KY), Gatlinburgh, TN and Nashville, IN ("Little Nashville"). All of these spots offer an array of cabins/lodging, many with their own fireplaces and scenic mountain views. Gatlinburgh, TN offered the most "bang for your buck" at $130/night for some incredible 1 bedroom cabins overlooking the smokey mountains and only minutes from shopping, golf, etc.

Do you have other great rustic/nature vacations spots that you would recommend? Email me or leave a comment below to share with everyone! While your at it, enter yourself in HGTV Dream Home 2011 sweepstakes to win an incredible dream home in Stowe, Vermont. If you win, please invite me over :).


1. The top-pick for Sun themed vacations is Orlando, FL!! Prior to reading a great article about Orlando and Walt Disney in the AAA Journeys magazine called The Grown-Up Side of Disney, I would have laughed in your face had you mentioned Walt Disney as an adult vacation spot! After doing a little research, it seems that Orlando, FL has plenty to offer, even for expecting parents! Here's a blog that addresses pregnancy while at Disney World belly on: http://www.passporter.com/wdw/pregnant.htm.

Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort
My goal was to find a resort that offered all the amenities of both relaxation AND fun in the sun! My top choice in Orlando is Walt Disney World's Swan & Dolphin Resort. Although it is a family oriented vacation spot (better get used to it Daddy!), you'll be relieved when you see all adult amenities offered. There are four championship courses plus a nine-hole walking course. That's eighty-one breathtaking holes in all! As a guest of the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, you can take advantage of advanced tee times. There are beautiful pools, beaches, romantic boat rides, tennis, basketball, volleyball, jogging trails and more on the outside. Restaurants, bars, a health club and most importantly (to your wonderful wifey) a Mandara Spa await you on the inside! Don't forget comfortable, modern rooms with a view of Epcot!

Be sure to take advantage of the resorts special rates/packages. If flying, be sure to check surrounding airports for your cheapest and most direct flights!

2. Unfortunately, for those of us living in the Midwest, fun in the sun vacation spots tend to be about a 10 hour drive away! Here are a few places and sites to check out if you're willing to make the trip:
  • Apple Vacations Website - Stick with the all-inclusive resorts that rate 5 apples or more. They will be more relaxing in the long run (even if you get stuck drinking for two - you and your pregnant wife). If your wife suddenly doesn't like what she's eating, no big deal, just get something else!
  • Michigan - Mackinac Island, upper peninsula, etc. Beautiful untouched white sand beaches with huge dunes...and lots of relaxation, golf, etc. Find a resort or lakeside cabin to relax in!
  • Charleston, SC -  If you love romantic shopping, eating, architecture, beaches, golf and history, take a trip to Charelston, SC? If you haven't been, you need to go. My wife says that it's her favorite place in the United States! Be sure to stay downtown to take advantage of all of the above. Beaches and golfing are just a short 15 minute drive away.
  • Santa Rosa Beach, FL - Located on the panhandle of Florida, you'll find some of the most beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, parks, golf, and shopping in the world. You're sure to find a spa right around the corner! Plenty to do, and plenty of not doing anything. Get your wife to show off her cute pregnant belly on the beaches of Santa Rosa Beach!
For more great travel links, check out this great travel blog called Travel Answer Man Blog. Or, if you and your wife are really adventurous, check out my good friend Rick Steves and all of his great European adventures!

Once again, if have other great sun vacations spots that you would recommend, please email me or leave a comment below to share with everyone! Thank you and good luck planning your Babymoon!
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  1. 1- how far into third trimester is the trip?? I traveled.. Just saying.
    2- Best answer to baby moon ;) i know a warm place you can visit- free housing!!buy your tickets and come visit Phoenix! We have an extra bedroom and bath. I know all the hotels with great pools and you can sneak in and hang by them all day. Go out to romantic dinners and hang out with a really cool family now and then :) definitely under 1500!


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