Monday, March 28, 2011

A Dad To Be Can Dream, Right?

When it comes to raising a child, most of us have our hands full. For me though, here is how my imagined storyline goes:
Child is born healthy. Baby sleeps through the night from day one, and it's crying sounds like the ocean tide. Child learns to play the banjo (insert favorite instrument here) at age 3. Additionally, he/she picks up soccer (insert favorite sport) as easy as learning it's ABC's. Potty training? Not necessary. When it comes time to eat, the child eats healthy food as if it's cookies n cream ice cream (insert favorite food). Another helping of broccoli and carrots? Coming right up! Read on...
 Clean up time? No such thing. Toys are neatly placed away before having to ask, and I can't believe it, he/she just put himself down for the night again. Mornings are filled with laughter, hugs/kisses, and quietly reading the paper with your 4 year old. Although, an occasional debate with him/her about current events can get a little heated, it always ends with, "I love you daddy, your the best".
House cleaning is a manageable when you and your child delightfully share cleaning duties. It's pretty incredible how when raised above your head, how well they can reach and clean cobwebs out of the ceiling corners. Grocery shopping is a breeze when your child sits quietly while they read off the items that they helped you write down on the shopping list. When it comes time for dinner preparation, having 4 hands makes cooking so much faster and more enjoyable. After dinner, prepare to be entertained by your child's iconic rendition of Jack Johnson's Brushfire Fairtytales (insert favorite album) album which he/she sings and strums their Baby Taylor guitar to (it was an easy transition to from the banjo)...
I could go on, but I'll save you the, "yeah right", "in your dreams", "your in for a rude awakening" and "why would you ever let your child play soccer" comments. What's wrong with aiming high? No child is perfect, I'm sure that mine won't really learn the banjo until the age 5.

Feel free to create and share your own dream story or edit the one above to your liking! Use the comment section below.

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