Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pregnant and Still Hot - Maternity Clothes That Don't Suck

Homer in a Muumuu Dress
As hot as I think my pregnant wife is, there is a strong chance that they might not be feeling the same. With Christie owning a (5 time Best of Cincinnati) upscale new and resale consignment shop called The Mustard Seed Boutique, you can imagine the dismay she feels as she begins to shop for maternity clothes that don't, in my words, "suck". As much as I want my wife to not only look and feel beautiful, ultimately, she is the one that will be doing her own shopping. Occasionally, I will splurge to buy her something, and quite honestly (and not modestly) I must say, that I'm pretty good at picking out great looking stuff! Guys, this should go without saying, but please do not try to recycle your grandma's muumuu as a gift to your future mother of your child. Although, I could see a modified muumuu as becoming the new trend. Hmmm. Mommy MuuMuus, I'm trademarking it now

Helping my wife and other women and men shop for maternity clothes that don't suck is the goal of this post. I'm going to need all of the input, suggestions and reviews that I can get in order to compile a decent list of places to shop. Online and brick & mortar, East Coast to West Coast, no stone shall be left unturned! We must hurry though, I only have a 5 months or so to do this!

Here are a few of my initial suggestions after doing a little bit of research:

Oxford Shirt by American Apparel
1. American Apparel - This one is my specialty, as an owner of a t-shirt and apparel company (AlternativeMotive.com), I've done my fair share of browsing the American Apparel Website. But, it wasn't until I came across a wonderful blog (which was also my inspiration to start this one) called Pacing The Panic Room, written by a truly talented writer and photographer Ryan Marshall. In his series titled Cole's Maternity Series, which documents his wife's pregnancy. Each post begins with a picture, and is labeled by the week number and a quick text blurb. Each picture also features some pretty awesome "maternity" clothing with a description (and link) of the item being worn. Think outside the box ladies and gents. Often, the most beautiful and practical clothing does not carry the often relegated title, "Maternity". Please take a look at American Apparel's Website in addition to checking out the Pacing The Panic Room blog.

SIDE NOTE: After perusing the Amer. Apparel website or visiting one of their retail brick & mortar shops, if  you find some items that interest you, write down the style numbers, sizes and colors of the items  and shoot me an email. I'll get you into American Apparel's clothing for less than you'll pay in store.

San Gabriel Dress by Shabby Apple
2. Shabby Apple - Now, I understand that shopping online for clothing, let alone "maternity" clothing, is difficult. But, here is another site that offers the full gamut of clothing, including both womens and baby styles. The Shabby Apple website is very well organized, and is almost as beautifully done as the clothing themselves. You can even shop by your body type! If you would rather go directly to their maternity section, self entitled, Mama Apple, you can use this link. One of my favorites, which is once again, not from their maternity section is shown to the right. Their focus is on dresses and accessories, with pricing similar to Banana Republic, and I'd be interested to see how the quality compares.

Side Note: I was so impressed with their site and clothing, that I became an affiliate. So, if your interested in purchasing anything from ShabbyApple.com, make sure you click on a link within Wonderful Whoopsie to get there!

Brick & Mortar Shops
Although most clothing stores do not dedicate much space to their maternity sections, and most maternity shops are pretty conservative, here are a few places you may or may not have checked out already:
1. H&M - Good stuff here. If you're into the whole mall thing and looking for fashionable maternity clothing that won't break the bank, this is a must stop. From my experience, they are in line with The Gap, and their quality is decent. They always offer the trendy styles and all the cool kids shop here:). Finding maternity pants/jeans can be a daunting task, fortunately H&M has picked up the slack of other major retailers attempt at maternity bottoms. Never heard of this place? Find out if there is a H&M nearby here. As with most larger chains, expect a bigger and better selection in larger cities.

2. The Gap - Need I waste text and time talking about the gap? We all know...if you fortunate enough to have a Gap Outlet near you, it's a must stop for maternity and baby clothes. Doy. Here's a link to 30% off your entire order! Your welcome.

3. Target - My wife and I stopped in this past Saturday. Their maternity section is small and lacking, but don't limit yourself to that section alone. They have quite the array of beautiful and fashion forward dresses, jackets and over-sized super soft blank shirts. Oh, and you can pick up butt wipes and Skittles while your there. Need I say more? Target rocks.

5. Hot Mamma - Not necessarily a maternity store, but they do have some very cute (says my wife) maternity clothes. One just opened here in Cincinnati. See their site for more info. Here's the link.

4. Don't forget your local boutiques! Shop local if you can.

Do you agree with these suggestions? What are your thoughts about maternity clothing in general? Does my taste suck? If you have any great suggestions for shopping, please share with me and the Wonderful Whoopsie community by posting a comment below! I'm looking forward to what you have to say! Here's a link to TheBump.com's Q&A question "Cute Maternity Clothes?".


  1. angelrox.com - $$$ for sure but high quality, top designer duds from NYC that can be worn post prego, as well. also eco-friendly. ;)

  2. Thanks Jasmine. Another person just sent me a facebook message letting me know that you can find boutique maternity and baby clothes on ebay for a third of the price.

  3. I've been following PPR since before Tessa was born!:) love that family.
    I barely bought any maternity. Christie has the perfect season pregnancy. She can wear dresses the whole time! I lived in sundresses and skirts! Put a belt above your belly in any non maternity shirt/dress and bam! It's perfectly showing your figure. Another fab blog: Dearbabyblog.com
    She's always looking amazing and never wears maternity!


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