Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Baby's Name is Horrible! Are You on Crack?!

Unfortunately, my lovely wife will not let me name our child Sir William Wallace. So, it was time to think of names that were a little more creative. My sister-in-law showed me an incredible site called I've done some research on baby names websites, and there are as many lame ones as there are informative. The Baby Name Wizard takes baby name searching a step further. Not only is the site graphically appealing, it's also very interactive, intelligent and most importantly, as useful as it is highly entertaining.

The NameVoyager (shown here) allows you to explore name trends by letter. So, if you like the letter "L", but you don't want to name your child a name that is raising in popularity quickly, use the NameVoyager to see the years in which certain names were popular and not-so-popular. My wife and I want a girls name that is old-fashioned (1950s), yet cool enough to work nowadays and into the future. So we used the NameVoyager to research names that we were already thinking about, to see if and when they were popular. Fortunately, the name Betty Boo fell into the decade we were looking for. Kidding.

What Readers think of the name Logan.

Did you tell others the baby names you were planning on using,  only for them to reply with a stupid one-liner or a story about someone with that particular name who used to eat their own poop? First, shame on you for telling such insensitive people, and second who hasn't eaten their own feces once? Too far? Sorry. Either way, now you can gain the help of Baby Name Wizards Namipedia to give you a better idea (before you tell others) of what personality traits are associated with that particular name (based on thousands of reader input). I can't believe I didn't think of this! After imputing the name Logan and selecting "boy", I clicked on see results (seen here). Not only does it show you these results, but it also shows you a graphical and expandable summary of NameVoyager, popular sibling names, NameMapper (shows that particular names popularity by state), and even Global Popularity.

The Baby Name Wizard is a free service, although, they do offer an upgradable account service which gives you expanded features. After an hour or so, I haven't even scratched the surface on this site's capabilities. I can't even imagine what the paid service would do for me! Check out the site and be prepared to waste plenty of your employers time researching current and potential baby names. You'll find yourself plugging in your friends and families names, just to see how they rank. The Baby Name Wizard even has a book out, buy it here!

If you have any other great websites for Baby Names, let everyone know, by sharing with a comment!

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