Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your Baby Booty and My Baby Booty, Were Sittin' By The Fire...

Horrible title, I know, but I love that song in Rain Man. A friend told me about a website the other day called,, and it immediately peaked my interest, although the name makes absolutely no sense to me, am I missing something?

If you're an expecting mother or hoping to be one day soon, this site is a must visit. Your Baby Booty is designed to help the mother to be (or even a baby shower attendee), choose the right items to register for. I went to Target the other day with my wife, and it's incredibly overwhelming to try and figure out what you "need" for raising a child! Thank goodness for mothers and friends who have already paved the way, and sites like this to guide us on our baby shower registering.

Side note, I'm one of those people who hate baby and wedding showers because of their focus on buying exactly what the person wants you to buy for them. Oh, and the fact that there is hardly ever alcohol involved at baby showers. Lame. People probably hate us because we're always the ones that pay no attention to the registry and create our own (typically a basket of items) gift. And because we bring our own flasks and don't share (just kidding...we share). However, I'm told that registering and baby showers is what you have to do. Plus, now it's FINALLY our turn to get back at all those families that we bought (often multiple) baby gifts for. has a minimalist design and feel, and it relies heavily on cool looking icons/buttons. The idea is pretty simple (taken from the homepage),
  1. Choose your Lifestyle
  2. Peruse the items we researched and hand-picked matching your lifestyle, read mama reviews and watch our booty in action videos
  3. Print list, go to baby store, point registry gun and shoot. Or stay in your jammies, eat bon bons and register online!
There are six Lifestyles to choose from:

If you lifestyle doesn't fit exactly into one of these categories, you'll have to peruse more than one I guess! My wife would be a Budget Fashionista with a pinch each of Active, Green and Minimalist. This is why I love her sooo much! Side note: I decided to go play in a soccer game instead of sitting on the couch watching the boob tube with her on a Tuesday night. The beautiful and understanding wife wasn't too happy with me.

Once you choose your lifestyle type, it then takes you to a page with nine different categories of baby items. Click on the category you want and it will take you to pictures, product reviews, pricing and where to buy the particular items that fit your lifestyle. You can even read or write you own comments. Once you have chosen all your items, you can print your registry. The site also allows you to share items with your friends through email and social networking sites.

Check out and let me know what you think! What lifestyle are you?

By way, that song is called Iko Iko, and it's by The Bella Stars.


  1. a pirate's booty, I think!

  2. I thought about that. Booty in pirate terms means treasure. I get that it costs a lot of money to raise a baby, but I'm just not feeling it in the context of the title, Your Baby Booty. I guess it kind of works if you substitute "Treasure" or even "Money" in there. What 'ev.

  3. Thanks for the very nice post about our site! I hope you find it helpful as you and your wife register for Baby "loot" or "Booty"... get it?? :)


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