Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lions, Tigers and Groceries Oh My!

Photo courtesy of The Talking Mirror Blog. Another great grocery store post.
There are a lot of things about parenthood that could, and maybe should scare me. Maybe I'm too naive to know better. There's the 3 months of hell - a.k.a. Colic, diaper blowouts, acid reflux and of course all of your other major medical concerns. Fortunately, I've prepared myself for as much of the bad stuff as possible. You have to, right?

Most popular parenthood concerns don't even phase me, after all, I'm not your typical dude. I may have a sensitive side (White Fang makes me cry and I love cats), a keen eye for woman's fashion - read on...

(the appreciation of it, not wearing it) and an infatuation with trees and plants, but one thing is for sure, I hate going to the grocery store! It scares me to death to think that pretty soon, I'll be making weekly (or more) trips to purchase food and necessities for my whole family (all three of us). I don't know how you people with multiple kids do it!

I've never been good at planning meals, and large grocery stores overwhelm me and just piss me off (same as with shopping malls). So today, I decided that Kroger should offer free instructional shopping seminars/classes. I can't be the only one that get's overwhelmed when it comes to food shopping! I can run in and buy bananas, milk, cereal, butter, ice cream, soap, toilet paper and beer without a problem. Even the deli doesn't necessarily scare me. It's all of the other things that are involved in preparing meals (specifically dinner).

I'm getting annoyed just writing this. I'll finish this later. Maybe.


  1. I will be your personal grocery store coach if you want. I plan weekly meals, as well as a big sunday dinner for my family and my sister's family. I also plan meals for all holidays, etc for large numbers of ppl. Let me know when you want to start, its really easy once you figure it out!!!

  2. You offered and I accept. These sessions include free food, right? Okay, I'll settle for vodka and beer. Your place?!

  3. Absolutely!!! Though you will have to bring your own beer. I am now gluten free, so no beer in our house, lol!!


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