Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Babymoon to Lexington & Keenland

I out-packed Christie by 12 garments
This past weekend we went on our first of two (maybe three) mini babymoons. Nothing too extravagant, yet still totally fun! We left about 7 hours later than we had planned on Saturday due to a home invasion of unicorns and flying monkeys. After I finished coaching soccer, we got on the road about 2:30pm, only to arrive in Lexington about an hour and thirty minutes later. Just in time for the rain and wind to begin. We had originally planned on leaving by 7 or 8am and get down to Lexington for breakfast, then off to Keenland for a day of gambling, drinking (for me at least), sundresses and big hats. As it turns out, waiting until Sunday was one of the many great decisions we made this trip! Read on...

The view from the 5th floor Babymoon Suite at the Hyatt
After checking in at the Hyatt Regency (in the middle of town), we might have made out on the extremely plush bed. Then we got ready for a stroll in search of shopping and cool bars. As I mentioned before, the weather was cold, rainy and windy. Our walk lasted about 8 minutes, then we decided to hop in our car and let our Yelp app tell us where to go.

First stop, The Tin Roof Bar. It's a small bar chain that started in Nashville (I think). We were hoping for some live music, but it was too early. Very cool place, but loaded with loaded college students that had just came from a rainy day at Keenland. Is it just me, or is the University of Kentucky a pretentious group of preppy d-bags? Maybe it was just a combination of me not being drunk enough and college kids wearing their dad's khaki pants and blue blazers while the girls wore sundresses that hardly covered where the moon doesn't shine! I like UK, but Saturday was a big turn off. I'm getting old.

We drove around and looked at a couple different places to eat at for dinner. We wanted a chef owned spot that was quaint and eclectic. We found exactly that at A La Lucie's. They had great reviews, and other than the over done leopard print (even the carpet was leopard print), I totally agree. The service was great, they found a way to seat us immediately in the absolute perfect 2 top next to the window. Christie had a filet that wasn't too impressive, but I had Kentucky Rabbit (my first time) and it was wonderful (well, it tasted like overpriced chicken). The service was great, and we got out of there for around $75 (a little pricey I thought).

After dinner, we drove around once again looking for a possible place to sit and have a drink (non-alcohol for Christie obviously). I think it was the weather, but we decided to stop at a liquor store called Shenanigans (incredibly nice store) and head back to the Hotel to take a dip in the pool. I picked up some Singletrack Copper Ale by Breckenridge Brewery (Yummy), and Christie got some O'doul's (yes, we know it still has a trace of alcohol in it). Our hopes and dreams were crushed when we realized how cold the indoor pool room was! The pool was moderately lukewarm, but it, combined with the chilly air, was just too uncomfortable for us to stand it. We dried off and walked back to our room where we watched some cable t.v. (which we don't have at home) and called it a night. I think we were in bed by 11pm. Thanks to Christie, we hardly ever have any serious photos:)
Although the beds were incredibly comfortable, I didn't sleep too well. It could of had something to do with the Mike's Hard Mango's that I drank (along with everything else). Yes, I freaking love Mike's Hard Mango Punch! Don't knock it until you've tried it. When you combine enough sugar, fruit juices and 8% alcohol together, your bound to create a lovely drink.

The next morning, we might of made out again, then got showered up and checked out (I love the 2nd tri-mester). We were heading to Keenland on what looked to be a beautiful day. Our first stop though, was Alfalfa Restaurant for brunch. Christie and I had visited Lexington a couple years ago for our anniversary, and we stumbled upon this cool little eclectic hippie joint. The food is healthy, moderately proportioned and priced. Unfortunately, the wait for our food was nothing to write home about. Nothing beats our two favorite Cincinnati brunch spots, Take The Cake and Honey, both in Northside.

After brunch we drove around a little bit taking in the beautiful southern colonial style homes and bright blue sky. Eventually, we made it to Keenland where we opted to pay the $5 to park within a 2 minute walk from the track. Everyone was tailgating, so we decided to have our own little tailgate in our car! Whoo hoo! College!! Keenland is one of the most beautiful places in the Midwest. We were surrounded by large oak trees and shady grassy areas. Just outside of the track, a guy handed us two free grand stand tickets. Score! Unfortunately, it was too chilly to take advantage of the free seats, so we took refuge in the sunny general admission area on a bench. We scarfed the biggest soft pretzel (or dough pretzel as Christie calls it), lost a couple bets and headed home after about 2 hours of fun in the sun. My slight hangover made the drive home a little difficult, but we made it just in time to relax a bit before my soccer game.

All in all, it was a fun trip. We only wish it would have lasted a day longer. We'll take what we can get and treasure every moment of our pre-parenthood days! Do you have any great stops or stories about Lexington or Keenland? Were you at Keenland last weekend?


  1. Its great to do the pre-parenthood trips... We went to Goa and it was fabulous... just relaxing and no thinking , planning or running around!!

  2. By the way, Goa is in India and it might be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thanks for the comment Aathira!


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