Friday, April 8, 2011

Painting Your Nursery: Mythic Non-Toxic Paint

Mythic Paints at Park + Vine - Cincinnati, OH
Did you know that the air inside your home could be more toxic than a traffic-filled Los Angeles highway during rush-hour?

I might have exaggerated or even made that statement up, but it potentially could be true, right? Household wall paints and floor waxes can emit VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) toxins for years after they have already dried. Even before the notion of having a child existed, my wife and I vowed that with our next fixer-upper home, we would make a conscious effort to minimize toxins and our environmental impact. We re-used light fixtures and cabinets, re-finished hardwood floors with water-based varnish and painted the walls, ceilings and trim with no VOC paints. Now, with an unexpected little one on the way, it's reassuring to know that we made the decisions that we did in advance.

The no VOC paint that we originally used was a brand called Fresh Air, which we bought at Home Depot. The color options were minimal and muted, but we were content with our choices. Recently, on a frequent visit to my Home Depot, I discovered that they had discontinued selling the Fresh Air product line because, "It was a crappy paint," according to the paint department employee (thanks for the heads up!). I do remember each gallon not going very far, and the paint was incredibly thick. Well, now what? Read on for a free $50 value product giveaway!
There are a few other options out there, but by far and away, the best choice would have to be Mythic Paints. You can buy them online, but for a better shopping experience and price, use their online dealer locator to find your local retailer. It just so happens, that the only place that carries Mythic Paint in Cincinnati, is Park + Vine (an eco-friendly general store). Park + Vine also carries my t-shirt line, and the owner, Dan Korman, is a good friend of mine. So, I decided to pop in for a look at their recently up-sized selection of Mythic Paints.

As I made my way to the back of the store, I felt as if I was walking into something from The Wizard of Oz! I swear they should paint a yellow-brick road back to their Mythic Paint section. The way the paint cans were so neatly stacked and color coordinated, ironically made them look like a piece of art themselves. I think I actually had a moment! After I snapped a few pictures with my Retro Camera Application on my phone, I got down to business.

Similar to other paints, the paints were available in several different sheens. Unlike it's competitor Fresh Air, Mythic Paint offers a huge color selection. Additionally, Mythic Paints can be color matched with any other major paint brands color. You can even choose a particular Pantone color to match. So, whether you're set on paint colors like Dancing Butterflies, Babbling Brook or Newborn Vomit Green, now, you can buy the non-toxic version. Expect to pay prices similar to Porter or Ralph Lauren paint, but at least you're getting (in my opinion) more of a value. Fortunately, my office and soon to be nursery is only 8ft. by 8ft., so we can get away with just one gallon of interior eggshell Mythic Paint for just $43. Want to figure out how much paint you would need for an upcoming paint project? Mythic has a Paint Estimator to help!

Mythic Black Label - Paint & Primer in one!
Since we originally painted the interior of our home, I have learned that a bulk of the VOC's in paint come from the tints used for colors. The darker the color, the more toxins (according to a Valspar employee at Lowes). Mythic is the only paint that does not add any VOCs when tinting the paint because of their proprietary zero voc tinting system. As a tip, you may want to save yourself $10 a gallon by going with a standard white for your trim work. Since 2007, rules have been in effect pertaining to the amount of VOC's allowed in certain paints. In addition, The content of VOC shall be stated on the can. Lowering the VOC content in paints seems to be a concern of most major brands. Note, exterior and industrial paints typically contain a higher VOC content. Awesome.

Mythic Paint Giveaway!
Has anyone else had any experience with no VOC paints, or in particular Mythic Paint? If so, please voice your opinion and write a review (under comments) for our readers and be entered to win a color deck and a copy of each of David Bromstads color palettes and the Land of Nod color palette from the great people at Mythic Paint (a $50 value)! These items will help give you a better idea of what colors you would like to paint your home, etc.


  1. I haven't really noticed the ingredients in the paints I used when painting my mothers living room and I have never used Mythic before

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  2. As a (anxious) first time new mama, I'm more aware than ever of the chemicals in products that are used in and around our home. We just purchased a new home in which every... single... room will need to be painted and I plan on using Mythic Paint. Would love to be considered for that fan deck and color palettes. Heck, I'll even drive down to Cincinnati to buy the paint at Park + Vine (I'm in Cleveland)! Thanks for the giveaway!


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