Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Finding Out The Babies Sex? Weigh in Your Opinion!

Well, should we? Make sure to weigh in your opinion by filling out a comment at the end of this post and fill out the survey to guess the gender! Hurry though, because this Friday marks the day that Christie will be having her ultrasound where we can find out the gender of the baby. As of now, our plan is to have the Dr. place the ultra sound picture with the gender results in an envelope, which we will then open among our family while out to dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants, The Quarter Bistro. As much as I would like to continue talking about The Quarter Bistro's incredible ambiance, wine list and 18 hour short ribs, I'll stick to the topic at hand. Speaking of hands, if our child ends up having a third leg, he will be the sole family member continuing on my family's namesake, Wallace. I know just what you're thinking...read on
wouldn't it be awesome if I could make his middle name William or Sir?

Focus now Logan. I can't wait either way. Just let it be healthy, right? We've all heard the stories of people being told by their OBGYN that they're having a particular gender, only to find out at birth that their baby girl, is in fact a boy! Good thing you kept all the receipts, right? Here are the common reasons (from about.com) for misdiagnosis of a baby's gender:
  • Too Early
    The best time to be able to determine the sex of your baby is between 18-20 weeks. Ultrasound done before this relies not on external genitalia but on the direction of the genital tubercle. Ultrasound done after this point risks being crowded out as the baby grows.
  • Equipment
    Not all ultrasound machines are created equally. In fact, some ultrasound machines are simply very old and may not give the best views. Not to worry, I have a 14 mega-pixel digital camera with a telephoto zoom lens as a back-up.
  • Baby Doesn't Cooperate
    Let's face it, not all babies are exhibitionists. I've heard many a mom say, that baby simply wouldn't show off for the sonographer. If that happens, the determination of girl or boy may be made on poor images from a positioning point of view. It is also harder to tell the sex of the baby if the baby is in a breech position, has their legs crossed, hands near their genitals, etc. Chances are, if in fact it's a boy, his hands will be on his genitals:).
  • Experience
    We've all heard the old joke about the baby girl being called a boy because she had the umbilical cord between her legs, but there is truth to the topic in that an inexperienced sonographer can make a mistake. An experienced sonographer can too, but they are less frequent.
  • Maternal Weight
    It's a simple fact that if you are heavier, ultrasound image quality is less clear. This can cause difficulty in scanning. We're not going to have to worry about this one, Christie weighs in at a measly...
The Quarter Bistro - Cincinnati, OH
There are plenty of reasons why it may happen, some of which you have control over. So, don't push the envelope and try to schedule the ultrasound appointment early just because you're anxious. You risk getting information that isn't right. Ask about the equipment and the experience of the ultrasonogapher. As for baby's cooperation...good luck on that one. Though some ultrasonographers recommend you drink a caffeine free carbonated sugar filled drink before the ultrasound to get your baby active.
Side note: Why wait 18-21 weeks to find out the babies gender, when you can determine fate yourself?!! If you want to learn how to determine the sex of you baby before conception, read this great article from About.com. Is this shit for real?! Seriously? Who's tried this? Tell me now.

What do you think about finding out the babies gender? Remember, this is our first and we didn't really have time to prepare for the first surprise - a positive pregnancy test!

Do you think Christie and I should open the envelope alone? Do you have a better idea of how to share the news? Either way, stay tuned for my immediate posting of the babies gender here on Wonderful Whoopsie this Friday between 6:30-8:00pm!

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