Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Swedish Fish, Hot Blondes and Now This...

Polarn O. Pyret - Barefoot Mama Maternity Blouse $63.50
It's funny, I've always had a thing for the Swedes (people of Sweden for those geographically challenged), and today, I received a very nice email from a parent volunteer (Jane Nordahl) for the Swedish School for Children, Washington DC. The school is doing their Polarn O. Pyret fundraiser. Polarn O. Pyret is a well known Swedish clothing company. The fundraiser is a $40 gift certificate (basically a coupon) that you purchase for $20! That's a savings of up to 50% (for those of you who never made it past 4th grade math)!!. There's no minimum purchase, but the limit is one coupon per customer, the coupon can only be used once and only at their US online store (www.polarnopyretusa.com). Interested? First, you'll have to read on to get the coupon code!

This a really a great deal and worth it to try a new and exciting children's (men & women too!) clothing company. Their children's sizes run from babies to 11 year old and they also have an organic line of clothing (for all you hippies). I spent some time on their today and found a few things that I'm going to push my wife to buy. Now, expect the prices to be a little higher than you might pay in Target, but your getting something that's more unique and is made very well.

In order to receive this great coupon price and for their school to receive part of the proceeds, you MUST use the coupon code: Swedish School for Children. Buy the Gift Certificate HERE!

Help a school while buying some incredibly cool and durable clothes for yourself, your kids or as a baby shower gift! See a few of my favorites below! They might be known for their stripes, but I'm diggin' these! Don't forget to check out their excellent sale section!!

Festive Gourd Print Wrap Bbodysuit $25
Imagination Print Top $32
Tartan Bankers Vest *On Sale for $11.85
Ltd Edition Spring Cloud Boots $35
The Swedish School for Children is a non-profit parent volunteer co-op in the Washington DC area (actually located in Falls Church, Virginia). They have students ranging from 5 years old through 18 years old and they also have a Swedish playgroup for children under 5 and their parents. SSC was founded in 1976 and have grown considerably since to become one of the largest Swedish schools in the US. The families have also changed throughout the years. Once, the school was primarily made up of Swedes living in the Washington DC area. Now, they are a great mix of Swedes, Americans and Swedish-Americans! They receive some funding from The Swedish Board of Education along with some grants from Swedish Institutes & Organizations. But, a good part of their revenue comes from school fundraisers like Polarn O. Pyret. Their school will receive part of the proceeds from customers using the gift certificate code: Swedish School for Children. Buy the Gift Certificate HERE! And no, I was not paid for this article, but I would love some of Polarn O. Pyret's awesome clothing:)

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