Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pregnant Wifey Update - Sexy Photo Included

Well, Christie is not due until September 14th, but one would think that she could give birth any day now! She's bustin' out! She stands at a mere 5'1", so the baby doesn't really have anywhere to go but out. The baby boy is kicking like crazy and often leaves Christie breathless. When I asked her what if feels like when he shifts or kicks, she replied, "I really don't I have a baby inside me moving around." guess some things are just indescribable! Aside from being uncomfortable, Wifey is doing very well. She's less fixated on things that you can no longer do (play soccer, drink alcohol, go on vacation, etc.), and more in-tune with the incredible opportunity she has been presented with. Not puking every day really helps! We had our family over for a party last Saturday, and after looking at the pictures taken that night, she truly is relaxed and glowing.

Sorry that I've slacked off big time on these posts, I've been engulfed in coaching, t-shirt orders and dauntingly large house projects (yuck). Not to mention, that I can't spend enough time with Christie. Even if it's just sitting here writing this post. I can't imagine the feeling when coaching is replaced with a baby boy!!!

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  1. :) Hope all the house projects are to welcome the lil guy...


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