Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wallace Clan Update

Hi my dear and loving friends & family!

This is a not so brief update of what Christie, Burke and I have been up to (in case we haven’t been able to see you lately):

Burke at 7 or 8 months
Burke has kept us quite busy lately, as you can probably imagine. He just turned 9 months old on June 9th. Over the past 3 months he has perfected his bear crawl and has eagerly been working on standing unsupported in addition to training adamantly for his Homo-Erectus life with daily-guided sprints around our house. He even took his first step over the Memorial Day weekend! Burke has finally added “Mom” and “Momma” (much to Christie’s delight) to his vocabulary and has begun working on reciting The Declaration of Independence in its entirety (he’s been slow to start).  Burke hasn’t been to the Dr. since his 6-month check-up, however, he’s due to make a visit next week. He has maintained his linebacker growth rate and we guess his weight to be well over 25lbs. We’ve been working on the marketing and packaging for a new product line of silicone marshmallow soft, kissable cheeks casted from his adorable rosy-red pillows.

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