Friday, June 15, 2012

The Wallace Clan Update

Hi my dear and loving friends & family!

This is a not so brief update of what Christie, Burke and I have been up to (in case we haven’t been able to see you lately):

Burke at 7 or 8 months
Burke has kept us quite busy lately, as you can probably imagine. He just turned 9 months old on June 9th. Over the past 3 months he has perfected his bear crawl and has eagerly been working on standing unsupported in addition to training adamantly for his Homo-Erectus life with daily-guided sprints around our house. He even took his first step over the Memorial Day weekend! Burke has finally added “Mom” and “Momma” (much to Christie’s delight) to his vocabulary and has begun working on reciting The Declaration of Independence in its entirety (he’s been slow to start).  Burke hasn’t been to the Dr. since his 6-month check-up, however, he’s due to make a visit next week. He has maintained his linebacker growth rate and we guess his weight to be well over 25lbs. We’ve been working on the marketing and packaging for a new product line of silicone marshmallow soft, kissable cheeks casted from his adorable rosy-red pillows.

Christie took on a new territory and Specialty Sales Rep. position within her company, Forest Pharmaceuticals. She is now much closer to home (no more country back roads) and she even spends time on the west-side of town where she grew up (and most of her family still lives). Like with any new position/promotion, hers came with more responsibility, unrealistic expectations/quotas and increased workload. Let’s just say that she doesn’t love it, but she seems to enjoy the sales interactions, and, it’s a paycheck.

Burke in S. Carolina - 8 months
As for myself, the stay-at-home dad trial period has ended and I (we) have opted for me to get back into the work/job life-style. Staying at home was very trying, to say the least. However, I’m grateful to have had the opportunity and thankful for the quality time I got to spend with Burke. Of course, he’s a much different (easier to care for) kid now, than he was 3 months ago when we made the decision for me to return to work. It sure will be nice to have two paychecks, but money just can’t replace the daily interaction with Burke that I’ll be missing. That’s life I guess.

My t-shirt company has been doing very well. Just recently, I formed to separate entities within the Alternative Motive LLC - City State Tees (wholesale and online retail) and Cincinnati Custom T-shirts and Apparel (Custom Design and Print Services). The official launch of website just happened a week ago.

It’s all very exciting, however, this leads me to my “big” news that I would like your help spreading and continuously making a point to tell other friends, family, neighbors, etc. that you may (or may not;) have influence on. I have accepted a job as a New Car Consultant at Kerry Toyota and Scion in Florence, KY. Notice, I actually had them change my business title. Although it is technically a sales position, the consultation end of the interaction/transaction is the most important part of the transaction, and it's what I will focus on.

The Wallace family - Burke at 7 months maybe
The hardest part of accepting the job was getting over the negative stigma that cars salesmen have. I’m still not fully over it, however, I’m going to do everything in my power to sell cars the right way – by making it fun and treating you with dignity and respect (and have fun doing it). Actually, maybe it’s the atrocious schedule. I will be working every Saturday from 9am-9pm and most Sundays. I guess the only way I’ll get to see my friends and family is if you come visit me;).

I truly believe in the Toyota and Scion brand (as many of you know by my Lava orange 2004 Scion xB that I may never part from). My goal is to understand each individual customer's needs first. Then, work together to come up with a new car purchase solution that fits their budget and lifestyle.

Funny story about this picture: I found this online through
Google, and it's an actual picture of my car parked outside
of my brothers apt. in Santa Monica - 2005. Someone posted it
on a blog of their's that mentioned spotting "an orange one".
A new car is NOT an investment; it's an expense that depreciates in value. So, it's imperative to make the right choice by choosing a car that is not only reliable, stylish and safe, but will also minimize your out of pocket expenses throughout ownership while maximizing your resale value. Utilize my expertise of Toyota and Scion product knowledge without being intimidated and pushed around in a disrespectful manor.

Re-think your car buying experience. It should be a fun, enjoyable and informative interaction that lends itself to satisfaction, not regret, in addition to a long term-relationship with your dealership. Sorry for the cheesy sales pitch. I’m 100% commission, and if I’m going to work shitty hours, it better be financially worth it. Please refer me to others and call me at 859-371-3939 or on my cell phone at 513.328.6411. Thank you! Here's my info:

Logan Wallace
New Car Consultant
6050 Hopeful Church Rd.
Florence, KY 41042
(859) 371-3939

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