Saturday, July 20, 2013

Febrile Seizure - Please Read and Share

Just a day after the febrile seizure
This past Thursday night was the absolute most terrifying thing that has ever happened (and hopefully will ever) to me. If you have young ones or are expecting, or have friends and family who may have or be expecting a child, PLEASE pass this information along. They will thank you.

Thursday afternoon I picked up Burke from daycare and we swung by our house to pick up my wife Christie. We were heading out to our favorite restaurant, Dewey's (pizza). The dinner was cut short (as dinner out usually does) due to Burke not being very content. However, this time, he was uninterested in eating. No big deal. We packed up and took our pizza to go and headed home. When we got home, we went about our evening as usual and put Burke to bed shortly after his bath around 8:30pm. Burke seemed a little out of sorts, so Christie gave him some infant ibuprofen before putting him down in his crib. Around 10:30, we went to bed.

At approximately 2am, we awoke to Burke crying for "momma". No big deal. He probably just cold from the fan or awoke hungry. Christie went in to check on him and he appeared okay. On her way back to bed, she stopped short and thought, "I should probably just check to see if he is cold and if I should turn the fan down". She reached in and felt Burkes legs, they were hotter than a matchstick. His forehead, the same. Burke awoke and was blabbering something is a half asleep state, but he was adamant on going downstairs to watch some Lightning McQueen videos on Youtube (he's obsessed:). Christie asked me to come down and get him some milk and her and icepack so that she could rub her cold hands on is forehead in an effort to cool him off. I obliged and after doing my duty, headed back upstairs to curl up into the now cold covers (I love that on a hot summer night). What seemed like a minute later (actually 20 minutes), I heard Christie yelling and starting to run up the steps (I have the chills as I'm typing this).

"Logan!" "He's not breathing!" "I think he's having a seizure or something!" "Turn on some cold bath water!" "Hurry!!!!" "He's burning up!!!"

I thought I could type out the rest of this story, but I'm not capable yet. I cannot get the visions out of my head. Throughout the 9-1-1 call,  I think that I went in and out of consciousness. It was as if I was in a horror movie, or my own worst nightmare.

Burke is thankfully okay and back to his normal self. Christie and I however have been seriously traumatized. During Burke's nap (while I'm typing this), I've raced upstairs twice because he was calling out for Mama. Something that has before, never phased me. We are on edge to say the least.

PLEASE, do yourself and others a favor and read this:

Educate yourself and others NOW.
Thank you.


  1. I'm really glad Burke is ok :)

  2. My daughter, now 35, had them - they are the scariest thing ever. Learned a lot and have remembered it all these years because now I am the Grandmother!


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