About Me

Christie and I at the 2010 Whispering Beard Folk Music Festival
31 years old and I still have no clue what I want to be. With the attention span of a squirrel, I've found myself bouncing around from jobs and learning many skills, but mastering none. In 2006, I started AlternativeMotive.com - Alternative Motive T-shirts + Apparel. Having been featured on MTV twice already, you would think the company would have taken off, right? Well, see the above comment about not mastering certain skills. To grow a business, one must understand how to take the next step to do so. It's an overwhelming task, especially when it's a one man show. One thing I've always been able to do well, was communicate. Although I hated it in high school and college, I now love to write. The creation of this blog is my new venture into adulthood and a way to keep myself sane throughout it. They say you can even make money doing it, and I like the sound of that. Aside from the a fore mentioned, my wife Christie and I enjoy our home (and all it's repairs), friends, family, sports (playing and watching) and for the most part, trying new things (food, bars, products, etc.), especially in our great hometown of Cincinnati, OH.

- Cincinnati born and raised, with a brief stint out in San Francisco/Oakland as a wine sales rep.
- Milford High School and Xavier University (Cincinnati, OH) alumn
- Majored in Communication Arts (lame) and minored in Studio Art
- Founder of Alternative Motive T-shirts + Apparel (www.alternativemotive.com)
- Currently, a coach for the Charlie Cooke Soccer School at Kid's First Sports Center. We teach the Coerver Coaching Method that emphasizes soccer skills and speed
- Played Div. 1 soccer for Xavier University, and then 2 years professionally afterward. Now, I just plain suck. Getting old is a bitch
- We have two cats, Jolie (it's french for beautiful) and Rhino (it's American for psycho)
- Married in 2005 to Christie Reinshagen (also a dynamite soccer player!)
- Last but certainly not least, my wife is currently pregnant with our first child!

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