A.D.D. Page

Here are some of the cool things that I'm distracting myself with right now. Check them out!
  1. Beautiful Beginnings Photography - Incredible birth photography (no, not the gross stuff) & more!
  2. Alternative Motive T-Shirts + Apparel - Graphic T-shirts (mostly Cincinnati themed) and custom apparel printing on t-shirts that don't suck!
  3. Single Stone Studios - In stock and custom vinyl wall decals. Prepare to be amazed.
  4. Your Baby Booty - An awesome website that aims at helping you buy/register for what you really need, based on your lifestyle. Includes product reviews!
  5. Vote For Us @ topbabyblogs.com Top Baby Blogs - Vast array of talented Mommy and Daddy bloggers. Make sure to vote for Wonderful Whoopsie to be #1 .
  6. Daily Garnish Blog - Food, health and culinary splendor by Emily Malone.
  7. Zulily.com - Think of it as Groupon for you and your kids! Daily Deals for Moms! Up to 70% off!!
  8. Life of Dad Blog - More funny stories from one of those good guys.
  9. Ready Made Magazine - Clever and unique do-it-yourself projects and ideas.
  10. Kids First Sports Center - Fun & exercise for the kids, relaxation and pleasure for you.
  11. Get Your Kids Off The Couch - A directory website of fitness centers for kids near you!

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